Gavin Gillespie

Senior Web & Print Production Artist | Image Retoucher

About Me!

With over 15 years of experience working in a variety of advertising agencies, I can say there aren’t many types of print or digital campaigns that I haven’t been involved with. Websites, web banners, social media posts, books, direct mailers, flyers, retouching... the list could go on and on. That doesn’t mean that I have become complacent. I’m constantly looking to improve my skill set to keep up with current trends and new/updated applications.

I pride myself on getting projects done properly and on time. You won’t be disappointed with what I can bring to the table. To learn more about my work and application experience, you can download my resume from here.



I have put a ton of effort into everything I’ve created. I could take all the credit, but I have to acknowledge all the amazingly talented creatives who have helped me over the years. They have opened my eyes to new ways of approaching problems in order to come up with better solutions.

You can download my complete portfolio by clicking on the button.

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